I have this Frank Lloyd Wright desk clock. I love the art and simplicity of it. In fact I love it so much that I've had it on my nightstand for 2 years without it working! The problem is that the single AA battery last for less than 2 months and I finally got tired of replacing it. I've thought about turning it into some sort of digital clock project, but then I had a much simpler idea. I'll just plug it in.




5 volt power supplies are easy to come by in the form of USB chargers. So I simply took an old iPhone cable and put an axial power connector on it.




Then I bought an adjustable power supply from eBay...




...wired it up with the power socket.






And now I never have to replace another battery. At least not in this clock. I had everything but the power supply on hand, so total cost: 96¢



Hi, my name is Chris and I have lots of hobbies. From woodworking, to Shapeoko, to IoT and other hardware projects, you’ll find it all here. I’ve been a professional software engineer for all of my life so my hardware and IoT projects always include a software component. My interest in IoT has lead me to the ESP8266 and to my m8rscript software project to drive it.

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