Easy Library Table

LibraryTableCompMy kids are in high school now so I thought it was time they had nicer desks than the ones we got them at Ikea. I wanted to make something that would last, that they could take with them to college and beyond. I also decided I didn’t want a desk with drawers on the side, just one small drawer at the top for pencils and papers. This was both because they already have roll around cabinets for bigger things and because I didn’t want to complicate this project with a lot of drawers, which are harder to build.

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Joinery for the Everyday Woodworker

08350-7Probably the most important skill for any woodworker is joinery. Attaching pieces of wood to each other is required on most any project and if it needs to withstand any kind of load you need a good strong joint. There have been lots of joinery techniques through the centuries, but modern techniques (together with modern glue) allow you to make stronger joints than every before.

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Remote Access Howto

Here’s the situation. You installed this cool sprinkler controller. You used a DHCP reservation so it’s always at the same ip address. Now you can always access it – as long as you’re connected to your home network. What if you’re in Hawaii?


You’re sitting on the beach, sipping a nice drink from a coconut, and suddenly you realize that you just planted a new garden back home that really needs some extra watering. How do you control your sprinklers then?

What you need is the ability to remotely access your home network.

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DHCP Reservations Howto

I recently installed an Open Sprinkler PI system in my house. This is a great system from Ray’s Hobby which has its own web server. You can access it from a web browser or with an iPhone app which talks to the same server. But you need to access the web server using an ip address, and the easiest way to set the system up is using DHCP, which assigns its own ip addresses. The only way to know what address the OSPI was given is to look at your router’s DHCP table, which is a giant hassle.

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